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Vaasthu Saasthra, existing for over six thousands of years, is an ancient Indian science of architecture based on certain guiding principles that are aimed at providing the humans a better living conditions in harmony with nature.  It is not an occult theory but a set of scientifically proven guidelines that helps the humans to enjoy the benefits bestowed by nature.  It is a boon to the human kind that combines the science of essence of astronomy and astrology.

Vedas and ancient Hindu scriptures clearly emphasis the need to worship Mother Nature. Ancient Hindus divided the cosmic nature in to five elements such as: Earth (Prithvi), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal) and Atmosphere (Akash). These elements exist not only inside the human body but also in the atmosphere.  According to Hindu scriptures there are nine planets that influence everything on Earth and each of these planets guards a particular direction. The human body is under the influence of the nine Planets. As a result, that our homes are influenced by the nine planets and five elements.

"Vaasthu” in Sanskrit means "Place of Dwelling" and originated from the Vedas. The underlining philosophy of the Vedas is that "Everything is interconnected”. So, the principles of Vaasthu Saasthras are based on the creating a positive atmosphere in the place of living or work. If the place of living or work is designed in such a manner to enable the positive forces override the negative forces, it will bring harmony and prosperity for the inmates. Today the science of Vaasthu Sasthra has evolved as a time tested scientific approach to construct a good building.

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