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Program in Vaasthu Science:
Initial focus will be on Vaasthu Science with the program leading to a Bachelorís Degree being completed in 3 years

  • Certificate in Vaasthu Science 1 Year duration
  • Diploma in Vaasthu Science 1 year after Certificate
  • Bachelorís Degree in Vaasthu Science 1 after Diploma

A student must be 18 years of age and already experienced person must have passed 10th Std, new comer must have passed 12th Std to enroll in the program. Students should be able to read and comprehend the prescribed textbooks and write their exams independently. APAA will review and reserve the right to admit any student.

Fast Track Program
The FAST Track Program has been set up to enable students who have prior knowledge in Vaasthu to obtain rapid certification completed in 2 Years

Course taken in: Tamil & English

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