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Profile - Dr. BRB Olimuthu
Dr BRB Olimuthu, an experienced exponent of Vaasthu Satraa, has carved a niche for himself through his unique approch to rectifying the defects of Vaasthu that sans demolition of any sort. Without the slightest damage even to the floor of the building, he neutralises the flow of energies to bring in peace and harmony that paves the way for a healthy living both physically and financially. His solutions are based on the underlying principle of balancing the natural energies in synergy with the forces of nature to ensure maximum benefit to the people to live and work happily in harmony.

Unlike many traditional Vassthu practioners, Dr.Olimuthu uses well researched scientific techniques using advanced instruments and tools such as Electro Magnetic Tester, Energy Scanner and Negativity Detector etc. to identify the exact nature of defects and accordingly suggests the remedial measures through his vast experience and knowledge.

Over the years, Dr. Olimuthu has been helping people across a wide section to live their life happily and positively without any negative impact. Dr. Olimuthu has devised uniqiue solutions for various “Vassthu Doshas”, the negative impacts that arise due to the defective usage of Vaasthu sastras. His rectifying solutions are based on his extensive reaserch in the field of Vassthu science. He has altogether given a new dimesnion to the science of Vaasthu and introduced for the first time in the world two new concepts of Vaasthu: Medical Vaasthu Science and Medical Vaasthu Therapy.Through his reaserch he has found out that flow of negative energy in a particular direction will cause a particular health problem for the inmates. While Medical Vaasthu Science deals primarily with the flow of energy and subsquent health discomforts, Medical Vaasthu Therapy deals with ways of balancing the energies by creating avenues for the flow of more positive energies.

The highlight of Dr.Olimuthu’s way of identifying the Vaasthu defects lies in his ability to predict clearly about their sufferings and losses faced by the inmates just by going through the premises without hearing about the problems in advance from the inmates. After a thorough analysis, it has been found out that the predications of the problems have been always been true. That is the level of his authority over the subject. He clearly depicts the consequences of a defective Vaasthu and concurrently suggests remedial measures. Further, for anyone who had continuously lived in a particular building for over three years, Dr.Olimuthu can predict the problems faced by that person due to defective Vaasthu, without ever visiting their place. A personal meeting with Dr.Olimuthu will pave the way for a happy living. 

Today Oli Muthu’s has won many accolades and is an internationally acclaimed Vaasthu consultant, traveling extensively around the world providing professional consultations in Vaasthu Science. His authenticated and confidential suggestions are always well heeded by people to ensure trouble free living. One of the reputed and popular figures in the world of Vaasthu science, Dr.Olimuthu has participated in a number of seminars, symposiums and workshops on Vaasthu science. Besides, he is a much sought after TV personality to talk about Vaasthu on various channels. His TV shows are not only popular but also gives an opportunity for thousands of viewers to clear their douibts on Vaasthu sastra. His expertise is not limited to only Vaastu Sastra – rectifying without demolition- Dr.Olimuthu is equally good in Pyramidology, Yoga, Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Vedic Astrology, Hindu Theology and Philosophy etc..

His interests in the study of Vaasthu was greatly influenced his revered guru, Sri Ramachandra Ji, a saint who lived in the hills of the holy Thiruvannamalai. With the grace of Lord Arunachaleswara, he met Sri Ramachandra Ji. Sri Ramachandra Ji absorbed him under his fold and . taught him the nuances of Vaasthu sastras. He advised him to practice as a Vaasthu consultant and laid down certain conditions aimed at serving the society at large.

His doctorine of Vaasthu science is based on the philosophy of his Guru Sri Ramachandra Ji , which states that factors like Karma, the present actions and Vaasthu plays equal role in one’s life. He points out that no one can change the Karma, which is the result of one’s good and bad deeds in the past, and no one can determine their birth and death. He says that one has to undergo fully the impact of one’s Karma and at the maximum one can lessen the hardships by performing some “Parigara” (sacrifices). He asserts that God either rewards or punishes one for their acts and the result of ones present activities will have a direct bearing on one’s present status. According to him, the remaining 1/3 part is the effects of Vaasthu that one is subjected to in his life and it can be rectified fully and effectively to ensure a happy living through Guru’s blessings.

In order to spread the message and principles of his revered Guru and also bring an awakening among the youngsters about the vast potential of the science of Vaasthu, Dr.Olimuthu has set up a unique school to impart education on Vaasthu science in Chennai. The school offers a three months course on Vaasthu science with weekly seminars. The classes will be conduted by Dr.Olimuthu. On enrollment, every student will be given “Without Demolition” a well analysed CD on Vassthu sasthras by Dr.Olimuthu. Besides , supplying quality course materials on the Vaasthu science, the students will be provided a “Energy Scanner” absolutely free.

For Dr. Olimuthu, reverentially following the advise of his guru, Sri Ramachnadra Ji, it gives a sense of fulfillment and immense pleasure when his knowledge and services are being used to alleviate the sufferings of hundreds of people and many business houses including big corporates.

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