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Our Specialties
We are the poineers in solving Vaasthu doshas or defects without any demolition work. Our solutions are always oriented towards better living by neutralising the flow of energies around your premises. Without the slightest damage even to the floor of the building, we balance the natural energies in synergy with the forces of nature to ensure maximum benefit to the people to live and work happily in harmony.

We have carved a niche for ourselves in the field of Vaasthu science. With years of extensive reaserch in the field of Vassthu science and the experience gained, we have and come out with an unique dimesnion to the science of Vaasthu by introducing two new concepts of Vaasthu: Medical Vaasthu Science and Medical Vaasthu Therapy. Our inovative approch is first of its kind in the world. Through our reaserch we have found out that flow of negative energy in a particular direction will cause a particular health problem for the inmates. While Medical Vaasthu Science deals primarily with the flow of energy and subsquent health discomforts, Medical Vaasthu Therapy deals with ways of balancing the energies by creating avenues for the flow of more positive energies.

Further, for anyone who had continuously lived in a particular building for over three years, we can predict the problems faced by that person due to defective Vaasthu, without ever visiting their place. That is the level of our authority over the subject. We clearly depict the consequences of a defective Vaasthu and concurrently suggest remedial measures.

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